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How to Save Money on WordPress Hosting

This post will show you how to run multiple Wordpress installations on a single server. Not too long ago, when I needed to deploy a new Wordpress site, I would login to Digital Ocean and launch a new $10/droplet via their one-click Wordpress installation. This process...

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How to Setup Google Analytics for WordPress

It is important to see the traffic to your Wordpress website. With the help of Google Analytics, we can easily track your website's traffic and other important metrics. I will walk you through how to setup Google Analytics tracking on your Wordpress...

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How to Setup SSL and Rank Higher in Google

With 2017 just a month away, it's now more important than ever to have your website rendered via SSL. Google is now factoring in whether or not your site uses SSL into your website's ranking!  SSL is the underlying protocol used in HTTPS.  This is like HTTP, but...

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